Our Commitment to Quality, Safety and Sustainability

Telco is committed to providing our clients with quality services and environmentally sustainable asset solutions. Being true to our values and our commitment to clients is also a personal thing and we encourage and motivate our staff so these values and commitments are part of our company’s culture.

The diversified nature of our technical expertise allows us to provide recommendations for an environmentally sustainable approach to all assets over their life, resulting in lower risk, more economic life and long term operation.

EHS is a Core Value

Our culture is based around personal values of competitiveness and challenge, drive and motivation, high professional standards, controlled risk taking, steady wealth creation, and being exemplary citizens through a demonstration of social and environmental responsibility in what we do.

Environmental Sustainability

We support environmentally sustainable business practices and we strive to encourage our clients to adopt economically and environmentally sustainable integrated property, engineering and technology asset solutions.